Open Source 开源项目

This page is a listing of current (and past) open source projects. Visit my GitHub page for more information. Issues, pull requests and discussions are always welcomed. 🙂

这里列出了我现在和过去编写/参与的开源项目,视奸我的 GitHub 主页可以看到更多信息,欢迎提交 Issue PR 和吐槽。

My projects

  • aurkit-cth
    A set of bash scripts designed to automate the package build process on ArchLinux
  • totp-cth-cli
    Command line TOTP (RFC 6238) password generator written in bash
  • TransitRailMod
    Minecraft 1.8 Mod featuring platform doors and other elements of public transit railway systems
  • EarthLiveShell
    Live View of the Earth from space right on desktop

Participating projects